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In a time of immediacy and disposable culture, SENTIENT stands for quality and the handmade. Our studio and workroom in Brooklyn New York supports communities and American made, sourcing local and regional materials. We are inspired by the materials we use, the culture of creativity and the handmade, focusing on the beauty of what design can bring.

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Custom Made Furniture

SENTIENT is the birthplace of superior custom furniture that has the innate capacity to transform any space. Whether you aim to refurbish your company’s conference room, or you are looking for high-end furniture for a distinct living room, each custom piece of SENTIENT furniture surpasses the expectations of design possibilities. Not only that, but every piece of custom furniture that leaves our workshop and design studio in Brooklyn, New York, is designed, engineered, and built in the U.S.

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High-End Hospitality, Commercial & Residential

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At SENTIENT, our designers and fabricators have decades of experience working for many luxury brands, including the high-end signature retail industry, major airline first-class lounge furnishings and installations for premium hotel brands. Also, we regularly work for many world-renowned architects and design firms.

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Art and Collaboration

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Here at SENTIENT we are curious in our explorations into the creative arenas of art, design and architecture. This curiosity continues to bring us deeper into the realization of what the creative mind can do: how art, design and architecture can inspire a better way of living, resolve and the joy that beauty brings. We believe that no hard line exists between art and design and continue to support this ideal through collaborations, vacillating creative possibility.

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Located in Brooklyn, New York

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SENTIENT craftspeople have been working from the same workshop in Brooklyn for more than 20 years. We have the capability to make many different types of furniture and objects. We are extremely proud of all of our work whether it be a simple stool or a complex custom cabinet using natural, manmade and/or exotic materials.

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